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LED Message Board Lamp


The LED Message Board Lamp is a great addition to any home, providing both function and decoration. The warm LED bead creates a cozy atmosphere while the transparent acrylic board emits an amazing light effect,

This lamp comes with its own pen, making it easy to leave messages for loved ones. The eraser on the pen makes it easy to remove and change the message when no longer needed.

The USB input makes this lamp super convenient to power, simply connect it with a power bank, adapter, or laptop.

Choose from three different types: blank, calendar, or heart shape.


Material: Acrylic, LED, Electronic Component
Color: Board: Transparent - Base: White
Type: Blank, Calendar, Heart
Light Color: Warm
Power: USB Input
Voltage: 5V 1A

Blank: Board: 3.9" X 5.9" (10*15cm) / Base: 3.8" X 1.5" (9.7*4cm)
Calendar: Board: 5.9" X 3.9" (10*15cm) - Base: 3.8" X 1.5" (9.7*4cm)
Heart: 5.2" X 4.7" (13.3*12cm;) - Base: 3.8" X 1.5" (9.7*4cm)

Package Included: 
1 - Acrylic Board
1 - Base
1 - Pen


Allow 7 to 14 Days for delivery