Fingerless Glove LED Flashlight

  • $12.95



This is such a great idea that I don't know why someone had not come up with it before now.

Now you can have light when and where you need it and still have your hands free to use them.  Wearing the LED finger-glove-flashlight is like having a third hand while you are working in the dark. It is an essential tool to have in every toolbox. Get one for both the right and left hand.



This fits a small to medium size hand. it will not fit on a large hand.



  1. This is a brand new idea and made from high-quality materials.
  2. Small in size making it light in weight, and easy to wear and use,
  3. Completely free up both your hands while still having light to see what you are doing.
  4. Great for outdoor activities like camping, fishing, biking, and hiking. It is a must for doing any work in the dark.
  5. Waterproof.
  6. Order a right-handed and a left-handed one.


Product specifications:
spandex + cotton
Color: black only
Features: Waterproof
Net weight: 19 grams
Battery: 2 * CR2016

Index finger about 1.77" / 4.5cm 
Thumb approx. 1.38" / 3.5cm 
The distance between the two fingers is about 2.76"/ 7cm 

left hand or right hand

Packaging includes:
1 x  gloves

Allow 7 to 14 days for delivery