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The #1 voted, best dog bed

The original Deep Sleep Calming bed - and one of the highest quality pet beds ever produced. Made out of premium nylon fabric and finished with a luxurious faux fur exterior, our calming and soothing bed is designed to mimic the coziness comfort of a mother's fur coat, aiming to provide your pet with the most comfortable sleeping experience possible.

Were you aware? 1 in 4 dogs experiences anxiety on a daily basis. Left untreated, the built-up stress can lead to a severe loss of appetite. destructive behavioral problems, and lead to a shorter life span.

What's the Solution? Most of the time, anxiety in pets can be solved with a better night's sleep. That's where our calming bed comes in. The Deep Sleep Calming Bed blends coziness and comfort all in one pleasurable sleeping experience for your loved pet.

Provides the Best Sleep - With its round shape, our high-quality, super soft & plush bed is ideal for pets who love to curl up. The feeling of safety and warmth is guaranteed for all dogs. It also provides neck and joint support for muscle relief which results in greatly improved sleep!

Eases Anxiety - The Raised Rim Creates a Sense of Security & Coziness. Calming The Nervous System Can Allow Your pet to Relax More Easily and Sleep More Soundly.

More Happiness For Your Loved One - Heavenly comfort will not only provide your pet with better and deeper sleep but will also relieve stress and anxiety while improving your dog's overall happiness!!!

Pet-Safe Material - Made from non-toxic, durable, high-quality PP cotton that's safe and prevents accidental messes from reaching your floors. Machine washable and breathable.



Size Measurements  Ped Breed Examples
Small Diameter 15.75 inch  / 40cm T Cup Yorkie
Medium Diameter 19.5 inch  / 50cm Pomeranian
Large Diameter 23.5 inch / 60cm Dachshund
Etra Large Diameter 27.5 inch / 70cm Cocker Spaniel
XX Large Diameter 31.5 inch / 80cm Collie / Shelty
XXX Large Diameter 39.5 inch / 100cm Labrador



Colors :
16 colors to choose from. You will find a color that goes with your home.

Rainbow, rainbow Red, Rainow Blue, Rainbow Blue 2, Rose Red, Dark red, Pink, Pink 2, Dark Green, Apricot, Grey, Light, Grey, White Brown, White Red, Coffee, and White.


Package included :
1 pet bed.

1. Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement. The size refers to the outside diameter of the pet bed, including the long plush

2. Please know that colors may vary in chromatic aberration of pictures to real life.

3. The product may be out of shape due to the long and heavy extrusion during shipping. A large bed, like 70cm/80cm, may be flatter when you received it. You can rub the extruded part a few times, and it will return to its normal shape. Or, try to adjust the product shape manually.



Allow 7 to 14 days for delivery.