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Every day, we spend hours hunched over our computers for hours. We strain our necks down not realizing The damage and the toll it is doing to us as we scroll through our phones. Instagram, TikTok, Whatapp, Google Reviews, Maps, Shopping. Watching Videos, Searching Information. We are spending hours with our heads down straining our neck and back. Do you twist your body into a position that easily allows you to balance your laptops and type from the comfort of the couch?

Your body, being inherently lazy, will move you into the path of least resistance, which means you end up with that unsightly, and unattractive, rounded shoulder, hunched back, head drifted forward look, And that bad posture will also hurt. It will cause pain in your neck, shoulders, and upper and lower back. Because your body is spending so much time out of alignment, it may even lead to injuries.

If this sounds familiar, you should consider a:
Back-&-Posture Correcting Support Brace

How They Work

The Back-&-Posture Correcting Support Brace is designed to address muscle imbalances that come when our bodies spend long periods of time in unnatural and unhealthy positions. The pectorals muscles in the front of the chest will have a tendency to become tight, while muscles in the upper back, including the middle trap and rhomboids, will become overstretched. Correctors will activate the muscles that haven’t been worked enough and put them in proper lineament for where they should be. There is even a name this used in the medical field, it is called proprioception also known as kinesthesia. It is your body's ability to sense movement, action, and location, it is the way your body gets sensory for this feedback in order to feel where it’s supposed to be. Proprioception enables you to move freely without having to stop to think about every movement. The Back-&-Posture Correcting Support Brace trains your muscles where they should be.

Why our Back-&-Posture Correcting Support Brace is beneficial for both men and women?
1. It provides clavicle posture support for all activities including working out, lifting, and sitting at your computer desk
2. Better alignment makes you look taller and slimmer
3. Makes you look and feel more confident and powerful
4. Proper posture will help eliminate the onset of back, neck, and shoulder pain
5. Can be easily worn under a shirt when at work and is discreet under your clothes
6. As a clavicle fracture brace, it is made from lightweight, breathable, high-quality, flexible, and adjustable materials that can be comfortably worn for long periods of time.

Our posture corrector can help you:
1. Take the weight off your shoulders.
2. Realign your vertebrae to their proper position.
3. Relieve upper and lower back pain, neck pain.
4. Reduce slouching, hunching, and slumping by correcting your posture.
5. Recover mobility and strengthen the muscles.
6. Reduce stress and calm you by relieving tension in your muscles.
7. Stand up straight and look more confident and give people a good impression.

About the Product:
1. 6 Sizes available.
2. Our Back-&-Posture Correcting Support Brace has a breathable and latex-free adjustment strap.
3. Our Back-&-Posture Correcting Support Brace pulls back your upper back to the right position improving your whole body posture all day long.
4. You can use it not only when you are sitting at your computer or driving a car, but also when you are playing sports or gardening. Wear it at home when you are doing housework, or watching TV.
5. Our Back-&-Posture Corrector Brace is filled with Lightweight neoprene, so you can wear it comfortably under or over clothing correct your posture all day.
6. The first couple of days wear it for 10-20 minutes, then add 10-20 minutes every day. Your back and shoulders will slowly adjust and you will build muscle memory for the right posture.
6. By properly aligning your posture, it takes the pressure off other areas, thus alleviating back, neck, shoulder, and clavicle pain.


S---Chest circumference: 18-26.5inch/46-68cm
Suit for weight: 44-88lb/20-40KG

M---Chest circumference: 26.5-35.5inch/68-91cm
Suit for weight: 88-154lb/40-70KG

L---Chest circumference: 35.8-46.8inch/91-119cm/
Suit for weight: 154-220lb/70-100KG

XL---Chest circumference: 46.8-55inch/119-140cm/
Suit for weight: 198-264lb/90-120KG

2XL---Chest circumference: 55-61inch/140-155cm/
Suit for weight: 264-297lb/120-135KG

3XL---Chest circumference: 61-66.9inch/155-170cm/
Suit for weight: 297-330lb/135-150KG

Notes: Please allow 1/3-3/4inch/1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Back shoulder posture corrector 
3. Material: Cotton, Neoprene
4. Color: Green, Purple
5. Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
6. Suitable for: Adult Men and Women
7. Applicable: Habitual bad posture, camelback, high and low shoulder, shoulder joint pain, arthritis, AC (acromioclavicular) joint loosening, clavicle fracture, clavicle dislocation, scapular fracture



­Package Include:
1 - Piece, Back-&-Posture Correcting Support Brace for Men and Women


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