AF200 Car Air Freshener And Refills

  • $11.95

We ride around all summer with the air conditioner on in the windows up.  Then we ride around all winter with the heater on and the windows up. The air in our car can get rather stale.  With this sleek and elegant, AF200 Car Air Freshener for your car, you can create a pleasant Aroma Therapy in your car that will calm you while driving and make the interior of your car a pleasant place to be. It has an adjustable vent so you can set the strength of the aroma that you want and that is pleasing to you. The air freshener comes with one lemon fragrant stick. 


  • Easily control the strength of the fragrant.
  • Sleek and elegant: 3/4" diameter & 3" long.


The AF200 Car Air Freshener comes in four different colors to blend into your car's interior.

You can choose from five different aroma refill fragrance sticks or you can also buy a mixed pack with one of each fragrance.


AF200 Car Air Freshener Colors:
Gold, Silver, Red, Black
(Comes with one fragrant stick)

Refill Fragrances:
Orange, Lemon, Osmanthus, Lavender, Ocean

Height: 3/4" - 2cm
Length: 3" - 7.8cm
Weight: 25g

 Allow 10 to 14 days for delivery