Frog 2.0 Lure with Artificial 3D Eyes

  • $9.95

Introducing the "Frog 2.0"

The Uatament fish bait will catch more fish than anything you may have in your tackle box right now!

Easy to use and so life-like sitting at the waterline. "Frog 2.0" will attract more fish to your line.



A weight molded in the frog's underbelly makes it automatically sit at 45-degrees at the waterline, giving it a life-like posture and making it easy to bite.


The 2.0 Frog comes in 4 different sizes and weights
5g/4.3cm (1 5/8 inch)
8.5g/5.3cm (2 inches)
13g/6cm (2 1/4 inches)
17.5g/6.5cm (2.5 inches)

  • double beards and double hooks
  • life-like swimming action
  • soft frog body - high hit rate